Production Guide

Must-Know information about filming in Taiwin

For Production Partners

Go to 「Production Partner」 for quality Taiwan-based production companies to assist with location hunting/scouting, entering Taiwan, importation of currency and other matters to save time.

Filmmaking Devices

Shooting equipment/props used during filming in Taiwan, if exported within 6 months, may apply for a duty free export via a Taiwan-based customs broker.

Location Gallery/ Studio

Taiwan has diversified locations all reachable within 1 day. Please go to 「Location Gallery/ Studio」for further info on locations in Taiwan.

Visa & Customs

It is advised to commission a Taiwan partner company to apply for work permit and visa. After obtaining the work permit, the visa will be issued based on the time shown on the work permit.


Inward remittance of funds over NT$500k (about US$17k) only needs to be reported by the beneficiary bank to the Central Bank. Remittance over US$100k needs to apply, via a Taiwan-based company, for the Central Bank’s approval.

Great Food

Known for culinary treats, Taiwan is a paradise for foodies. Visit 「Tourism Bureau」or download APP for further information.