Production Guide

Must-Know information about filming in Taiwan

For Production Partners

Go to 「Production Partner」 for quality Taiwan-based production companies to assist with location hunting/scouting, entering Taiwan, importation of currency and other matters to save time.

Filmmaking Devices

Shooting equipment/props used during filming in Taiwan, if exported within 6 months, may apply for a duty free export via a Taiwan-based customs broker.

Location Gallery/ Studio

Taiwan has diversified locations all reachable within 1 day. Please go to 「Location Gallery/ Studio」for further info on locations in Taiwan.

Visa & Customs

It is advised to commission a Taiwan partner company to apply for work permit and visa . After obtaining the work permit, the visa will be issued based on the time shown on the work permit.

Great Food

Known for culinary treats, Taiwan is a paradise for foodies. Visit 「Tourism Bureau」or download APP for further information.