Production Partner
Directors or production companies that wish to shoot films in Taiwan are recommended to work with Taiwan-based motion picture companies and have them assist with all matters related to the filming, e.g.:

  Location hunting/scouting
  Inquire about Taiwan laws
  Fill out applications in Chinese
  Look for proper local crew
  Assist with applying for relevant funding in Taiwan

Atom Cinema Co., Ltd.

Language : English,Chinese

Ocean Deep Films

Language : English,Chinese

1 Production Film Co.

Language : English

Good Films Workshop Co., Ltd.

Language : English,Japanese


Language : English,Chinese,French

Star Ritz International Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Language : English,Chinese,Japanese

Content Digital Film Co.,Ltd

Language : English,Chinese,Japanese


+886-2-2795-4898#17 or #50 Language : English,Chinese

Arrow Cinematic Group

Language : English,Chinese

Great Dream Pictures

Language : English,Chinese

Each Other Films

Language : English,Chinese

AwesomeWorks Production Co. Ltd.

Language : English,Chinese