News from Taiwan Cinema Group In Cannes Film Festival and Market 2004

News from Taiwan Cinema Group In Cannes Film Festival and Market 2004

May 11, 2004

This is the second year that Taiwan Cinema has promoted Taiwanese films at the Cannes Market.

Once again, Taiwan has brought the best of its films to Cannes Market. This year, equipped with the latest digital lifestyle technologies from BenQ, Taiwan Cinema is promoting the very best of Taiwan's films in style and exposing to the world, the best kept secrets of Taiwan's exotic and picturesque locations.

At this year's Cannes, Taiwan will be spotlighting a new generation of directors and filmmakers with their own style and direction in their films. These new talents have come to Cannes this year and are eager to present their filmmaking philosophies and exchange ideas and experiences with experts from global film industry. Part of the new wave of talents emerging from Taiwan is a new generation of young actors making their acting debuts in Taiwan's films. Representing the hottest of this new generation is Tony Yang, the sexy leading actor in FORMULA 17, who is also making his debut appearance in Cannes this year.

Besides promoting new filmmakers and talents in Taiwan films, there is more to be excited about this year! The locations of Taiwan's best scenic spots and landscapes will be revealed to the world. Taiwan Cinema will be showcasing the most awe-inspiring locales of Taiwan's beautiful sub-tropical landscape!

Last but not least, Taiwan Cinema will be showcasing the best of Taiwan's production and post-production facilities, such as award-winning sound engineer Tu Duu-Chih's new production studio (see contact details below)!

Come by the Taiwan Cinema booth to experience the very best Taiwan has to offer at this year's Cannes Market.

Tu Duu-Chih's Production Studio
2F #231 Chongqing S. Rd. Sec. 4, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
Telephone: +886-2-2816-5076
Facsimile: +886-2-2816-0131
Cellular: +886-935-627-654

Posted date:2005/04/18