Taiwan Cinema group will attend Cannes Film Festival and Market 2004

Taiwan Cinema group will attend Cannes Film Festival and Market 2004

May 5, 2004

From May 12 to May 23, representatives from the Department of Motion Pictures of the Government Information Office (GIO) will lead Taiwanese filmmakers, producers, and representatives from the post-production services of the Taiwan film industry to take part in Cannes Film Festival and Market 2004.

This will be the biggest group Taiwan has ever organized to head towards Cannes. A total of twenty-nine representatives from sixteen film companies will bring thirty-five feature and documentary films to the market. This will also be the first time in Cannes that representatives from Taiwan film industry come to promote their technical service skills. In Palais 01, GIO has rented a booth to offer information about films from Taiwan. Brochures and booklets to introduce scenic Taiwanese landscape spots for possible location shooting by international productions will also be provided. Those interested can make appointments and meet their Taiwanese counter-partners to learn more.

In addition, from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM, GIO will be hosting a party on May 16 at Restaurant Pavillon Croisette to greet about two hundred international critics, producers, and other film personalities from various countries. Representatives of Taiwan Cinema group will share their experiences in the Taiwanese film industry with international guests.

Before the Taiwan Cinema group leaves for Cannes, GIO will hold a press conference on May 5 to introduce new Taiwanese film directors such as Yin-Jung CHEN of "Formula 17" and Alice WANG of "Karate Girls." GIO will also officially introduce a CD title and guidebook to help international film projects to come to Taiwan for special locations.

Posted date:2005/04/18