The International Forum on Creative Production and Global Marketing for Chinese Film

The International Forum on Creative Production and Global Marketing for Chinese Film

April 2, 2004

Venue: Conference Auditorium, National Library, Taipei April 21-23, 2004

An Introduction:

The Government Information Office, the Republic of China, Taiwan, Communication Arts Research Institute of Taipei, and Kun Shan University of Technology's Department of Motion Pictures and Video are preparing to hold a conference titled "The International Forum on Creative Production and Global Marketing for Chinese Film" on April 21st through 23rd in Taipei, Taiwan.

Despite economic growth and technological progress across the greater Chinese region, Chinese film industry remains small with limited impact in global markets. Instead, Hollywood remains as the center of film production for the world and global Chinese markets despite language and cultural barriers to their influence.

This forum is being organized to discuss and address this disparity as well as provide direction to enhance the foundation of Chinese film production, distribution and marketing.

Producers, managing directors, filmmakers as well as representatives from key investment organizations worldwide will share their knowledge and experience with attendees in order to both pose and answer important questions regarding the difficulties and opportunities facing Chinese filmmakers.

More specifically, five panels will provide arenas to discuss issues ranging from the possibilities of geo-cultural synergies generated by Pan-Asian cooperation in filmmaking and distribution, to the impact of Digital Technology as an enabling factor for local artists.

All five panels, however, will address the central question of whether and how the many dramatic changes facing our world-society, like globalization, digitalization, and media convergence, should and can be leveraged to establish an integration of the Chinese film industry in order to increase its role and market-share in the global market.

The Panels:

I. Perspectives on Chinese Film Market

This panel will focus on changes occurring within the Chinese film industry, the new role of Chinese film in the world, and how better to being attention to these changes from both English and Chinese journalists and Audiences.

II. Creation and Innovation -- Filmmakers' prospects on Chinese Film

This panel will discuss the economic synergy created by the interaction between China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan. What economic factors have so far aided Chinese film productions, and what factors are holding them back? How does the mixture of state support, state regulation, and private development work to enable filmmakers? The primary focus of this panel is to bring out the passion of filmmaker and address the limitations of funding, censorship, and distribution they are faced with.

III. Aesthetics and Marketing -- Dialectic position on Taiwan Film

What are the artistic, cultural, commercial, and social elements that underlie the Taiwanese film industry? Experienced directors and producers would serve to encourage and guide young filmmakers in Taiwan and help identify the place of Taiwanese cinema within the Chinese film universe.

IV. Media Convergence -- Interaction between film and entertainment

Recent changes within and between film and other entertainment sectors have brought these disparate industries together in economic, social, and artistic ways. This panel will examine how the film industry interacts with other entertainment sectors and determine whether there are positive synchronicities made available through this alliance.

V. The Operation of Financing and Venture Capital to Film Production

Within the model of transnational cooperation, it is a great chance to promote Chinese film production by adapting foreign fund. Thus, well-known producers, advisers on cross-border film development and corporate finance, and venture capitalists will be together in the panel to have a discussion about the following topics: how to carry out the mechanism of completion bond and loan system into the film production? How to establish a well-organized budget evaluation system? And many possibilities of funding and financing for film production will be discussed.

VI. New Faces of Animation -- The Rise of Digital Technology

With the advance of digital technology the form and nature of film are somehow changed and animation springs up with the advanced technology. From Pixar's and DreamWork's 3D animated projects to Japanese anime, creative studios have reinvented this genre, effecting a new flourishing in the film industry. Taiwan's Government puts animation into the "Challenge 2008-National Development Plan" to assist native animators in digital production. To show the latest animations, leading producers around the world would be invited to this panel to explore the various possibilities (commercially, aesthetically, and technologically) of this new genre.

International Guest Speakers

  1. Ng See Yuen]d?^, Producer/Director, President of Federation of Hong Kong Film Workers
  2. Joe Cheung]iP^, Director, Permanent Honorary President, Hong Kong Film Director's Guild
  3. Danial Yun]u^, Head of Mediacorp Raintree pictures, Singapore
  4. Philip Lee]?^ , Assistant Professor, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong; Co-founder/Consultant, October Pictures Limited
  5. Peter Chan]i^, Head of Applause Pictures
  6. Nobutada Yagi]KH^, Professor, Film Department, Nihon University, and Chairman, Digital Film Technology Association, Japan
  7. Pixar Animation Studio, USA
  8. Mr. Teddy Yang (w), Computer Graphic Animation Supervisor, DreamWorks Studio, Los Angeles
  9. Masuo Ueda]??q?^, Executive Producer, Aniplex Inc., A Sony Group Company. Japan. [Gundam, Cowboy Bebop]
  10. Mr. Sunao Sakagami (?W ), Managing Director of Film Planning and Production, Toei Company, Ltd.; Executive Vice Chairman, All Nippon Producers Association
  11. Mr. Lee Sang-Gil (?N), Director, Animation Industry Team, Korea Culture & Contents Agency, Ministry of Culture & Tourism.
  12. Ms. Amanda Wang, Adviser on Cross-Border Corporate Development and Corporate Finance, Cine Finance LLC, Los Angeles.
  13. Kang Dai-jin]jd^, Chairman, Motion Picture Producers of Korea, Inc

And many domestic filmmakers, distributors, film executives, and investors, etc.

Posted date:2005/04/18