2006 Taiwan International Film and TV Expo (TIFTE)

2006 Taiwan International Film and TV Expo (TIFTE)

Major international film and television events, such as those in Cannes, Pusan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, are all part of an attempt to integrate the film and television industries. As there is a trend towards such a convergence, the present time offers an opportunity for the film, television, and cultural industries not only to press ahead with their global strategies, but also to be a crucial link in enhancing national competitiveness.

With this in mind, last year Taiwan’s Government Information Office (GIO) combined the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Golden Bell Awards, Taipei TV and Film Festival, and Taiwan Film and TV Project Promotion Festival into one event – the 2005 Taiwan International Film and TV Expo (TIFTE). It was hoped that through this exhibition, which brought together creativity, culture, and industry, Taiwan would be molded into a “film and television luminary.” The expo was geared towards facilitating the integration of the film and television industries, focusing their creative and developmental energies, and enhancing Taiwan’s international competitiveness. TIFTE 2005 helped greatly to promote Taiwan’s creative industries.

Taiwan’s government has of late devoted considerable effort to nurturing the domestic film and television industries, and has included this goal as part of its “Challenge 2008 National Development Plan.” Under this scheme, the digital content industry and the creative culture industry have been named important focal points for development.

Additionally, the government is establishing a film investment and financing mechanism to support the industry, holding expos and festivals to expand the market for the film and television industries’ products, and seeking to create synergy among industry participants and experts. These efforts aim to increase the production value of these industries and attract domestic and foreign buyers for Taiwan’s film and television products. They will also show the world that Taiwan places great importance on the creative content industries.

Riding high on the success of last year’s Expo, TIFTE 2006 will be even more impressive, as it will bring together the Asia-Pacific Film Festival and the Executive Committee Meeting of the International Federation of Film Archives. For your convenience, we have listed the calendar of events for TIFTE 2006 below.

2006 Taiwan International Film and TV Expo (TIFTE) Activity Calendar


Activity Name


Golden Bell Awards

November 10 & 17

Taipei TV & Film Festival

November 23 - 25

Taiwan Film & TV Project Promotion Festival

November 24 - 25

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

November 10 - 26

Asia-Pacific Film Festival

November 22 - 25

Executive Committee Meeting of the International Federation of Film Archives

November 22 - 25

Cocktail Reception for all Expo Participants

November 22