Taipei County Establishes Film Commission to Promote Filming Locations

Taipei County Establishes Film Commission to Promote Filming Locations

The Executive Yuan’s Government Information Office on July 31 held a seminar to encourage and coordinate the shooting of films on location at various sites throughout Taiwan. Just weeks after the seminar, the Taipei County Government has taken action to establish the Taipei County Film Commission. This is the third mission-oriented local government organization of its kind on Taiwan, following the creation of similar agencies by the Kaohsiung City Government and the Taipei City Government.

The Taipei County Government on August 28 held a conference to introduce the initiatives taken by the county to foster an environment conducive to the shooting of films and television programming on location. Taipei County Commissioner Chou Hsi-wei presided over the conference. Senior producer Yeh Ju-feng, academics Huang Chien-yeh and Tseng Hsi-pa, and directors Cheng Wen-tang, Chu Yu-ning and Yang Li-chou will comprise the six-person committee. In addition, GIO Department of Motion Picture Affairs Director Chen Chih-kuan and renowned directors Chu Yen-ping and Chen Huai-en attended the conference and shared their experiences with participants.

County Commissioner Chou said that Taipei County desires to create a friendly environment for the shooting of films and television programming on location. The county hopes to attract even more filmmakers and studios to find appropriate spots to film. In addition to further developing the film and TV industries in the county, Chou said the county wants to make itself seen by the world. Department of Motion Picture Affairs Director Chen shared his experiences from when he was stationed in Thailand. He said that to facilitate the filming of movies and programming, Thai authorities would close roads when needed. He said this left a deep impression on him. He also cited New York City, saying that in addition to providing services to aid in the filming process, the city would adopt supplementary measures, including tax incentives for the shooting of films in the city and offering public sector resources in publicity efforts.

The Taipei County Film Commission will work aggressively to integrate administrative resources, establish a database on scenic spots throughout the county, hold activities to foster the exchange of film and television programming, and train persons with expertise in the industry. In the future, the commission will also make plans for a creative industry park, aiming to spark the vibrant development of the film and television programming industry in Taipei County.

The GIO said that encouraging and coordinating the shooting of films on location is a great way to market cities and to foster the development of tourism. The United States, European countries, Japan and South Korea have made efforts in this regard for many years. The GIO hopes that even more local governments will get involved in the initiative, enabling Taiwan to create a comprehensive network to assist in shooting on location throughout the island. This will enable film and television show production teams from throughout the world to see the vast range of sites available on Taiwan, from urban settings and rural communities to beautiful natural scenery. It will also introduce the beauty of Taiwan to the rest of the world.

For more information on government agencies that can provide assistance in shooting on location, please click on the following link to the Taiwan Cinema website.