Kaohsiung City Establishes Filmmaking Assistance Center

Kaohsiung City Establishes Filmmaking Assistance Center

The Kaohsiung City Government established the Filmmaking Assistance Center on June 1 to express its determination to support the development of the film and television industry in the city. The Center is ready and willing to provide a comprehensive range of filming-related services to projects, both local and international, that seek to shoot on location in Kaohsiung.

The Filmmaking Assistance Center is located on the first floor of the Taiwan Medical Museum in Kaohsiung City. The Center will provide seven major categories of services, including a space where screen tests can be carried out for television and film projects, interaction between the film industry and the academic sector, location scouting services, spaces where conferences can be held, equipment storage, post-production support, and room & board subsidies. The Center is staffed by experienced individuals in the film industry as well as dedicated personnel from the city government’s Information Office. In the future when production teams decide to shoot in Kaohsiung and require assistance in closing off streets, the staging of explosions or mobilization of extras, the Kaohsiung City Government will provide the administrative assistance required. Employees at the Center will also provide consultation services to production units, casting and location scouting assistance, and other assistance required in the course of filming. At present, the Filmmaking Assistance Center has assembled a range of equipment required in the filmmaking process. It also has outfitted an editing room, a copy room, and screen test room, and offers both small and large conference halls that have top notch audio and visual equipment. The Center will provide coordination for production teams in the process of scouting for locations and during filming. It will also help to collect information and provide a venue where meetings and screen tests can be held, and machinery stored. The Center has a range of basic production equipment that could be required either in shooting on a set or on location, including lighting gear, tracks, cinematic cameras, and single lens cameras.

The Kaohsiung City Government is specially providing room and board subsidies and is holding a “City Digital Imagery” competition in an effort to attract even more people to see Kaohsiung’s scenery, enjoy the feel of Kaohsiung Port, sense the history of Kaohsiung, and get a glimpse of rural lifestyles on the outskirts of the city. Documentaries will receive NT$1.5 million in backing and dramatic films NT$2 million. The city hopes this will interest more filmmakers and production teams to come to Kaohsiung to shoot, which will ultimately help promote the city. In addition, the Film Kaohsiung website (www.filmkh.com.tw) is also playing a role in the effort, helping to provide a human resources database and other film-related information for southern Taiwan. This will make it easier for production teams to find the personnel and resources they require in Kaohsiung and also help to cultivate a pool of local talent, thereby creating an even stronger foundation for the film industry to take root in the city.

The Filmmaking Assistance Center

* Contact Information
Address: Zhongshan Fourth Road, No. 261, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City
Telephone: 07-2159600
Email Address: tfac.kcg@msa.hinet.net

* Directions
1. If you are taking the subway: From Xiaogang Airport, the Taiwan High Speed Rail’s Zuoying Station, or the Kaohsiung Train Station catch the Red Line of the MRT to the Meilidao Station and then transfer to the Orange Line, taking the train to the Kaohsiung City Council Station. Leave the station from Exit No. 2 and walk for about five minutes in the direction of the Love River.

2. If you are driving: Get off at the Zhongzheng Interchange and drive along Zhongzheng Road for about 20 minutes in the direction of the Love River.