2019 Kaohsiung Film Festival—XR Dreamland: International XR Forum

2019 Kaohsiung Film Festival—XR Dreamland: International XR Forum

2019 Kaohsiung Film Festival—XR Dreamland: International XR Forum

10/10 Thu. Europe Focus

14:00-14:10    Opening Talk

14:10-14:50   History Reappearance - Digital Technology Applies in Art and Education

                      Jérémy Pouilloux|Producer, Accused #2: Walter Sisulu

                      Chloé Jarry|Executive Producer, Claude Monet - The Water Lily Obsession

                      James Quo-Ping Lin|Director General, Dept. of Cultural Creativity and Marketing, National Palace Museum

14:50-15:20   “ATLAS” Artist Residency Case Study – Immersive Storytelling with Multi Format

                       Yann Deval|Director, ATLAS

15:40-16:40    Focus Creator - Marshmallow Laser Feast, Prioneer of Immersive Art

                       Ersin Han Ersin|Director, Treehugger: Wawona

16:40-17:10   “Eve, Dance is an Unplaceable Place” Case Study - The Encounter of Virtual Reality and Live Performance

                       Margherita Bergamo|Director & Choreographer, Eve, Dance is an Unplaceable Place

                       Daniel González Franco|Director, Eve, Dance is an Unplaceable Place

17:10-17:40   When VR creation meets the Audience

                      Paul Bouchard|Distribution & Acquisitions, Diversion Cinema

10/11 Fri. Asia Focus

14:00-14:40   2019 Kaohsiung VR FILM LAB Originals - “THAT SUMMER, I GOT FIRED FIVE TIMES”, “Look at Me” and “Home”

                      Hsiao Ya-Chuan|Director, THAT SUMMER, I GOT FIRED FIVE TIMES

                      Kidding Hsu|Director, Home

                      River Huang|Actor, Look at me

                      True Wang|Actress, Look at me

14:40-15:10   Kaohsiung Shorts VR - “The Abandoned Deity” and “My Syrian Neighbors”

                      Kao Yi-Chun|Director, The Abandoned Deity

                      Wu Po-Hung|Director, My Syrian Neighbors

15:20-15:50   International Co-Production - 2019 Kaohsiung VR FILM LAB Originals “Great Hoax: The Moon Landing”

                      John Hsu|Director, Great Hoax: The Moon Landing

                      Marco Lococo|Co-Director, Great Hoax: The Moon Landing

15:50-16:20   How Immersive Sound Applies in VR Creation

                       Ko Yi-Chun|Virtual Art Curator

                       Lin Jin-Yao|Director, Taiwan Sound Lab

16:30-16:50  Asia New Wave - Korean Immersive Work Highlight 

                      Che Minhyuk|Director, Nine VR: Come See Me 

                      IM Hun|Director, SEHANDO - Winter Scene, Cold of the Year 

16:50-17:40   From Art to Profit - Market Potential of Immersive Content in Asia

                      Jimmy Cheng|Director of Content & Business Operations, ICONIC ENGINE

                      Kim Jong-Min|CEO, GRABIT / VR Programmer, Bucheon Intl. Fantastic Film Festival                       

                      Estela Valdiveiso Chen|CEO & Founder, Serendipity Films

17:40-18:40   Support for VR Industry and International Resource Integration 

                      Agnes Alfandari|Director of Digital Department, Institut Français

                      Ting Hsiao-Ching|Chairperson, Taiwan Creative Content Agency

                      Aurélien Dirler|Audiovisual Attaché, Bureau Français de Taipei 

10/12 Sat. America Focus

14:00-14:30   New Model of Art & Entertainment Project Funding

                      René Pinnell|Founder & CEO, Kaleidoscope

14:30-15:00   “ Runnin’ ” Case Study - Advance VR Creation with Volumetric Capture Technique

                      Adam Rogers|Producer, “ Runnin’ ”

15:00-15:40   Oculus Experience - Push the boundaries of technology and Immersive Storytelling

                      Yelena Rachitsky|Executive Producer, Oculus AR/VR Experience

16:00-16:30   “The Line” Case Study - The Story Only Works in VR

                      Ricardo Laganaro|Director, The Line

16:30-17:00   How Festivals Incubate Next Generation of Young Creators 

                      Loren Hammonds|Senior Programmer, Tribeca Film Festival 

                      Diliana Alexander|Executive Director, Filmgate Miami

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Posted date:2019/10/01