Taiwanese Films Heading to American Film Market 2019

Taiwanese Films Heading to American Film Market 2019

Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, the American Film Market (AFM) is taking place from November 6 to 13 in Santa Monica. Under the supervision of the Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture, the Taiwan Film Institute (TFI) sets up a Taiwan Cinema booth at the AFM with Taiwanese film releases and projects in production over the past year, including 35 narrative features, 17 documentaries, 27 short films, 6 restored classics, and 7 film projects. Also, 6 Taiwanese distributors attend the AFM this year.

CHANG Tso-chi’s ninth feature film, Synapses (那個我最親愛的陌生人), is based on his experience of taking care of his mother with Alzheimer's disease. Through the story of a family in turmoil, the film asks what would remain in one’s life if he or she starts progressively losing his or her memory. It shares with the audience a journey about love and family affairs. CHANG has previously received five nominations for Best Director at the Golden Horse Awards and has collaborated with LU Hsueh-feng (呂雪鳳), the film’s lead actress, numerous times. LU has delivered a very impressive performance in Synapses, for which she received her first nomination for Best Actress at the 2019 Golden Horse Awards.


The Shooting of 319 (幻術), directed by FU Chang-feng (符昌鋒), is based on a true event and tackles Taiwan’s contemporary politics. It marks a new chapter in Taiwan’s genre movies. For the documentary Walking Dharma (如常), directors HSIEH Hsin-chih (謝欣志) and CHEN Chih-an (陳芝安) spent one and a half year to shoot and carried out research in Taitung, one of Taiwan’s most beautiful counties known for its breathtaking landscapes. However, it is also a remote area with a shortage of medical resource and a slowdown in economic growth. The film depicts the people there, who persevere despite adversity.

▲The Shooting of 319

▲ Walking Dharma

In addition, several new upcoming titles will appear at the AFM this year: TSENG Wen-jen’s (曾文珍) Love before Sunset (日落之前) follows the lives of elderly people living alone and took more than two years to make. Legend of Sun Walker: The Plantain Fan (孫行者傳:群力降妖記) is a 3D animation well received at the International Animation Film Market (Mifa) in Annecy this June. Furthermore, a woman diagnosed with breast cancer takes centre stage in Breast and House (乳.房), a movie addressing real situations in Taiwan society.