Feature Film

Year: 2022
Director: Hao TANG
Scriptwriter: FU Kun-Min
Actor/Actress: 侯哿可 , 李奕樵 , 龍黛之
Others : Zhi-Yun LIN(Art Designer) , Chih-Teng CHENG(Cinematography) , KAO Ming-Sheng(Editor) , LIN Kuan-Jung(Special Effects) , 張舜閔(Special Effects)
Synopsis :
Attempting to pass their rite of passage by peeping at someone taking a shower, Ah-Jie and Ming-Kai sneak forward on the roof of the small bungalow....
Color : Color
Running time: 12 min
Language: Chinese
Film Type : null
Posted date:2023/08/09