Message of K.T.'s Footsteps

Feature Film

Year: 2002
Director: LIN Tzu-Ping
Producer: LIN Tzu-Ping , 王源通
Others : 林培禎(Art) , CHEN Po-Wen(Skill) , Liu Yue-Xing(Skill) , 謝春鏱(Skill) , CHOU Chen(Sound Designer)
Synopsis :
Y.C, like most people, is a businessman. He didn\'t know much about his father\'s life outside the family, nor did he have any interest in learning...
Color : B/W
Running time: 87 min
Language: Chinese
Film Type : Documentary
Genre : Documentary
Festivals & Awards : 2002 Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival, Taiwan Award Nomination
2003 Taipei Film Festival, Citizen Video & Film Competition Nomination
Posted date:2005/03/16