Feature Film

Year: 2005
Director: He-Long LIN
Executive Producer: Kevin CHU Yen-Ping
Actor/Actress: Jimmy Lin , 蒲蒲 , Ambrose Hui , 安雅 , Don WONG , CHANG Li-Wei , Chen Wei-Min , CHU Chia Lin , 劉恆 , 丘隆杰 , 夏久琪
Others : GU Hsiao-Yun(Editor)
Synopsis :
A. A-Su played the 1st track for three weeks in US, “Sukyuaki” by a Japanese singer Kyu Sakamoto, at the DJ café. Whenever We-joy came to this café...
Color : Color
Running time: 88 min
Language: Chinese
Film Type : Fiction
Genre : 社會寫實
Posted date:2005/05/30