On the Way Home

Feature Film

Year: 2023
Director: Yi-Hsuan WANG
Scriptwriter: Yi-Hsuan WANG
Producer: 黃越謙
Executive Producer: Chienn Hsiang
Actor/Actress: 胡大器
Others : 陳芃聿(Art Designer) , 廖筠恩(Cinematography) , Yi-Hsuan WANG(Editor) , KUO Li-Chi(Sound Designer) , 徐卉欣(Sound Designer) , 魏誠佑(Sound Designer)
Synopsis :
Xiao Guang has been longing for his birthday. His father Chi-Young, a supervisor, has promised to be home on time for the celebration. However, due...
Color : Color
Running time: 18 min
Language: Chinese
Film Type : Short Film
Posted date:2023/08/11