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Category: Production , Distribution , Theater , Film Industry
Date of Founding: 1953
Address: 6F, No.260, Sec. 2, Bade Rd., Taipei 10401 Taiwan
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Central Motion Picture Corporation (CMPC), founded in 1954, is the largest and most comprehensive movie production company in Taiwan. Best known for the phenomenal international success of its films over the past few decades, it is also a fully-integrate, multi-faceted corporation which owns a complete array of the most up-to-date filming and editing equipment, film and sound studios, film processing laboratories, art and mainstream movie theaters, and even a movie theme park.
CMPC’s films have consistently garnered numerous awards and accolades in Cannes, Berlin, Tokyo, Locarno, Nantes, and other international film festivals. Among the many CMPC films to gain international acclaim are Ang LEE’s The Wedding Banquet and Eat Drink Man Woman, TSAI Ming- Liang’s The River and Vive l’Amour, and HOU Hsiao-Hsien’s Dust in the Wind and The Time to Live and the Time to Die.
By 2015, CMPC has re-mastered major films including Ang LEE, TSAI Ming-Liang, HOU Hsiao- Hsien, Edward YANG, Kuo-Fu CHEN, Yu-Hsun CHEN, Cheng-Sheng LIN’s films. In the near future, we will re-master our top 50 films in 3 years with English and Chinese subtitles.

Central Motion Picture Corporation (CMPC) was established in 1954 in central Taiwan to make feature film for the promotion of Nationalist government\'s anti-communist policy. Its studio in Taichung was severely burnt down in 1959, thus prompting the reorganizing of its leadership and the rebuilding of its infrastructure. New studios were built in the outskirt of Taipei and new production facilities, including sound recording studio and color film laboratory, were purchased in 1961. CMPC began its international co-production with Daiei(大映) and Nikatsu(日活) in 1962. In 1963 CMPC\'s new general manager GONG Hong(龔弘) made a policy to produce so-called \"Healthy Realism\" films.(健康寫實主義) Young filmmakers like LI Hsing(李行), LI Jia(李嘉), and PAI Jing-Rui(白景瑞) were recruited to make films such as OYSTER WOMEN(蚵女) and THE DUCK-RAISING FAMILY.(養鴨人家) CMPC became the biggest film production company in Taiwan in the 1960s, owning five film studios, two sound studios and one color film laboratory. CMPC started to make patriotic, nationalistic war films in the 1970s after Taiwan was ejected from the United Nations. Romantic love stories and films that aimed to inspire youngsters were also made in the 1970s. After 1978, films that dealt with the Culture Revolution in China were made. IF I WERE FOR REAL(假如我是真的) and PORTRAIT OF A FANATIC(苦戀), both directed by WANG Toon(王童), were two most well-known films of this genre. To combat the growing separatist movement in Taiwan, under the guidance of the Nationalist government, CMPC also produced many films that dealt with the heritage relationship between Taiwan and Mainland China, as well as films about the Chinese revolution of the 1900s.

CMPC\'s policy changed drastically in 1982 when young production managers and filmmakers were recruited to make films like IN OUR TIME,(光陰的故事) GROWING UP(小畢的故事) and THE SANDWICH MAN.(兒子的大玩偶) The popularity in both box-office and film criticism encouraged CMPC to continue this tendency to hire young directors to make the so-called \"Taiwanese New Wave\" films. Other films of the Taiwan New Wave movement produced by CMPC included THAT DAY ON THE BEACH,(海灘的一天) A TIME TO LIVE AND A TIME TO DIE,(童年往事) KUEI-MEI, A WOMQN,(我這樣過了一生) THE TERRORIZERS,(恐怖份子) DUST IN THE WIND,(戀戀風塵) and STRAW MAN.(稻草人) One of the most important producers of New Taiwan Cinema was HSU Li-Kong(徐立功\), Assistant General Manager and later General Manager of CMPC. He was instrumental in hiring more young filmmakers to work for CMPC, while continuing cooperation with the first wave New Taiwan Cinema directors like Edward YANG(楊德昌) and HOU Hsiao-Hsien(侯孝賢). Ang LEE(李安) and TSAI Ming-Liang(蔡明亮) are two of the younger directors recruited by HSU in the 1990s. A BRIGHT SUMMER DAY,(牯嶺街少年殺人事件) PUSHING HANDS,(推手) EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN,(飲食男女) and VIVE L\\\'AMOUR(愛情萬歲) are the most famous films of this period of CMPC\'s history. Other young directors recruited by HSU Li-Kong at this period include LIN Cheng-Sheng(林正盛), Emily LIU(劉怡明), WANG Hsiao-di(王小棣), CHEN Yu-Hsun(陳玉勳), CHEN Kuo-Fu(陳國富) and YEE Chih-Yen(易智言). When HSU Li-Kong retired from CMPC in 1996, due to his poor health, the film industry in Taiwan was facing a continuous down-turn trend. Chiu Shun-Ching(邱順清), the new general manager decided to diversify and co-produce commercial-oriented films with other film production companies. Art films co-produced by CMPC and Zoom Hunt International(縱橫國際公司), a company established by HSU Li-Kong after he retired from CMPC, after 1997 include THE HOLE,(洞) directed by TSAI Ming-Liang, THE PERSONALS,(徵婚啟事) directed by CHEN Kuo-Fu, and LOVE, GO GO(愛情來了) directed by CHEN Yu-Hsun.

1999 marked the 45th anniversary of CMPC. Films made by young directors this year include BAD GIRLS TRILOGY,(惡女列傳) COP ABULA,(條子阿不拉) LAMENT OF THE SAND RIVER,(沙河悲歌) and HIDDEN WHISPER.(小百無禁忌) Although situation of Taiwan film industry after 2000 is getting worse as time goes by, CMPC however, continues to recruit small amount of young directors to make low budget films. It also produced its first animation film THE BUTTERFLY LOVERS(蝴蝶夢:梁山伯與祝英台) in 2003. How things would work out for CMPC, and for Taiwan film industry in general, remains to be seen.


Films Year Director
Hello Ghost 2023 Pei-Ju HSIEH
Someone who was lost 2019 Chi-Wai CHEONG
Zhi-Yun LIN
Like Life 2016 Chen-Ya Wu
The Flush of Dawn 2016 Norman Lin
Ching-chung Ma
The Laundryman 2015 LEE Chung
8th Festival del film Locarno – Piazza Grande section
52nd Golden Horse Award – Best New Director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Original Film Song, and Best Sound Effects Nominations
51st Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – Midnight Screenings
31st Warsaw Film Festival – Free Spirit Competition
51st Chicago International Film Festival – After Dark section
28th Helsinki International Film Festival – Genre Benders section
19th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival – Bucheon Choice: Feature Competition
17th Taipei Film Festival – Official Selection
15th New York Asian Film Festival – Taiwan Cinema Now!
36th Hawaii International Film Festival – Fantastic Asia
10th Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival – Official Selection
18th Buenos Aires Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente (BAFICI) – Avant-Garde & Genre Competition
34th Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival – Official Selection
26th Singapore International Film Festival – Special Presentation
12th Eurasia International Film Festival – Panorama
12th Atlanta Asian Film Festival – Official Selection
1st London East Asia Film Festival – Competition
The Wave Film Festival (Santa Barbara International Film Festival) – Official Selection
The Assassin 2015 HOU Hsiao-Hsien
2015 Busan International Film Festival -Gala Presentation
2015 Hong Kong Summer International Film Festival - Opening Film
2015 Cannes Film Festival - Best Director, Cannes Soundtrack Award
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? 2013 Arvin CHEN
Berlin Film Festival, Panorama
Hong Kong International Film Festival
CinemAsia Film Festival (Amsterdam)
Udine Far East Film Festival
Torino GLBT Film Festival
Tribeca Film Festival, World Narrative Competition
Zone Pro Site 2013 CHEN Yu-hsun
2014 Selected into Culinary Cinema of Berlin International Film Festival (European premiere) 2014 Best Narrative Feature of Taipei Film Awards (nominee) 2014 CinemAsia Film Festival in Amsterdam 2014 Washington D.C. International Film Festival 2014 Food Film Festival in Amsterdam (Audience Award) 2014 Asian Film Festival (Italy) (Best Film Award) 2014 FEAST: Food & Film Festival (Victoria Film Festival) 2014 Art Film Fest (Slovakia) 2014 New York Asian Film Festival (Audience Award) 2014 Milwaukee Film Festival 2014 Kolkata International Film Festival 2014 Devour! The Food Film Fest (Canada) (Golden Tine Award for Best Feature Drama) 2014 Jakarta International Film Festival 2014 Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival 2014 Bengaluru International Film Festival 2013 Selected into Open Cinema of Busan International Film Festival (international premiere) 2013 Hawaii International Film Festival 2013 Tokyo International Film Festival 2013 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival 2013 Taiwan Film Days in San Francisco 2013 Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2013 San Diego Asian Film Festival 2013 Taiwanese Student Association, Oregon State University (public screening) 2013 Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year (for YEH Ju-Feng) (winner) and Best Original Film Song (nominee) of Golden Horse Awards
The Sandwich Man (Digital Restoration) 2013 HOU Hsiao-Hsien
TSENG Chuang-Hsiang
Terrorizers (Digital Restoration) 2013 Edward YANG
1988 Voted by Taiwan’s Film Critics Association as No. 1 film of the Top Ten Films of the 1980s 1988 Silver Leopard at Locarno Film Festival (winner) 1987 Sutherland Trophy of British Film Institute Awards (winner) 1987 Best Screenplay of Asia-Pacific Film Festival (winner) 1987 Best Director Award of Pesaro International Film Festival (winner) 1986 Best Feature Film of the 23rd Golden Horse Awards (winner) 1986 Best Original Screenplay (Yuan Li, Edward Yang) and Best Leading Actress (Cora Miao) of the 23rd Golden Horse Awards (nominee)
GF‧BF 2012 YANG Ya-che
2012 Taipei Film Award – Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Press Award
2012 Golden Horse Award Best Actress, Audience Choice Award
2012 Asia Pacific FilmFestival–BestActress
Seediq Bale: The Sun Flag 2011 WEI Te-sheng
Best Feature F ilm, 48th Golden Horse Awards
Seediq Bale: The Rainbow Warriors 2011 WEI Te-sheng
Best Feature Film, 48th Golden Horse Awards

Pick the Youth 2011 Tapu CHEN
2011 Taipei Film Festival–World Premiere
2011 Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (South Korea) Of ficial Selection
2011 Hong Kong Asian Film Festival Nominated New Talent Award
2012Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival Official Selection
2012 Asian Film Festival (Italy)
2012 Stockholm International Film Festival Junior Nominated Bronze Horse Award
Hill of No Return 1992 WANG Toon
1992 Golden Horse Award – Best Feature Film, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay
Posted date:2005/03/16